Smartphone Photography

Smartphone Photography

I know many people say they are not a photographer and steer clear of taking pics.  In this day and age most of us use Smartphones.  Most of these phones take incredible pictures so I would encourage you to start taking pics yourself.



I often tell people that I work in communications.  I build websites, do graphic design work, manage social media accounts, & help people with branding and identity.  I would say for the most part my definition of what I do is accurate and most people would understand.

Are You Blogging?

Are You Blogging?

LogixStreet builds Squarespace websites for Businesses, Individuals, and organizations.  One of the best ways to improve SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is to have a blog connected to your site.

Website Content Paralysis

Website Content Paralysis

LogixStreet works with many different clients from businesses to churches.  Building a new website for these clients is so invigorating.  The first meeting usually ends with great anticipation and excitement.   Then comes the actual building of of the site.

Stale Content on Your Website

Do you have stale content on your website?  Sure you do.  Almost everyone has some.  So don't feel bad.  You may need to be looking at it in a different vein though.

SEO is Important for Churches

While SEO can get very complicated and can take time for results to improve, it should not be forgotten.  I want to offer some fairly painless and simple things you can do to start improving your SEO.

Are You Listening?

How do you think it would look if someone reached out to the church on Facebook during the week asking about service times and no one bothered to answer?

Effective Communication

As a Pastor or church leader, you probably feel like you are inundated with information, promotional materials, new program ideas etc.

Our Stories are Powerful

We have been hearing stories since we were very young.  Many parents and grandparents read stories to babies and little children as they are growing up.  Once we learn to read ourselves, we can read those stories ourselves.  How many of you adults still like to read stories?

Internal vs. External Audiences

Churches experience a big challenge when it comes to communicating.  There are the members and attenders of their church and then there are the people who have yet to visit the church but may be interested.  Unfortunately, each group requires a different message.

When to Post Social Media Content

Gearing up and initiating a Social Media strategy is daunting enough by itself.  For the sake of this blog let’s say you have already overcome this task and are now planning and collecting content to post.  The next quandary you may have is when to post this content.

Church Website Faux Pas

In this blog post I will discuss a few common faux pas so you can take note and try to avoid them on your website.

Announcements Done Effectively

There are a lot of activities in the local church and communicating when, where, why, & how is super important.

Internal Communication Tips

Often we focus solely on the audience and don’t think about coordinating the internal team that makes it all happen.  Keep these in mind:

We’ve Always Done it that Way!

How many times have you heard someone say, “We’ve always done it that way!”?  Maybe a better question is how many times have you said it… or felt it?

What is Your Source of Inspiration?

As a communications person you probably find yourself straddling the fence on being a creative and/or being analytical.  Unfortunately, a good communications person can’t be strictly one or the other.

Sometimes Giving it a Rest is Best

With so many communication tools at our finger tips it is tempting to try all of them.  To a point, this is a good thing because you want to see how well they work for you.

Hands on with Social Media

Thinking you can schedule all the social media posts for a month or more and then not think about it until the end of that time would be a mistake.