LogixStreet builds Squarespace websites for Businesses, Individuals, and organizations.  One of the best ways to improve SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is to have a blog connected to your site.

Squarespace offers a wonderful blogging platform that is simple, clean, and easy to use.  It is also flexible.  You can obviously blog as you would on other platforms.  However, we have found some other uses for the blog function.  We work with a lot of churches.  Many of these post their sermons and videos to a service like SoundCloud, Youtube, or Vimeo (among others).  We have found that posting your sermon audio files/videos to a Squarespace blog is an efficient process and very functional for your users.  This could also work for businesses or individual sites.

If you don’t currently have a blog on your site, you should strongly consider adding one.  Like I said above, it helps your SEO.  Many people use search engines like Google to find you on the internet.  Having a blog might just help them find you.