Stale Content on Your Website

Do you have stale content on your website?  Sure you do.  Almost everyone has some.  So don't feel bad.  You may need to be looking at it in a different vein though.

Most people first think of Stale Content as out of date impertinent information that is on the site.  This definitely qualifies as Stale Content.  But what about your other content?  It may be very pertinent but could be reworded.  Maybe it could reflect the current happenings in our society.  Updating this content will help you communicate better and it is not a complete rewrite.

Always comb your site for out of date content.  When you post something that is time sensitive, make yourself a calendar reminder to remove this once the event takes place.  Keeping the content up to date is not that hard but is something you have to pay attention to.  Do yourself a favor and read through your content and see where there are areas you would word something differently or maybe you would use a different example now.  Keeping your content fresh is a huge drawing card for visitors.  If they find stale content, they may judge your site as somewhat irrelevant.  That is the last thing you want.