LogixStreet works with many different clients from businesses to churches.  Building a new website for these clients is so invigorating.  The first meeting usually ends with great anticipation and excitement.   Then comes the actual building of of the site.

Now comes the nitty gritty of building the site.  Whether your site is brand new and you have never had a website or you are building a new fresher version of your website, content needs to be addressed. 

When building a site for the first time it is expected.  The client needs to provide content or some detailed direction for content.  Even if you are building a newer site, it is likely that the old content needs to be reworked in some fashion.  We have found this to be the biggest hurdle for  our clients.  Building a new site can be done in weeks after content is delivered.  So why does LogixStreet find it taking months to even years to get a site put together?

It would be easy to say that the client is just lazy and won't get off their butt to do the work.  That may be the case in a small % of clients but more often it is hard to fit in developing content along with other responsibilities.  Some people can even get overwhelmed with the amount of stuff they need to produce.  Your web designer can likely hire a web writer to put it together but only after you have provided detailed bullet point.  Remember, this is your message and needs to be driven by you.

If you find yourself overwhelmed, try this.  Take a step back and say to yourself.  What is the least amount of content I can put up and still get my message across?  You can always add to the site.  In fact, adding new content is a great SEO practice.  If you wait and wait until you have every minute detail put together it will take a long time and you may struggle to update the content down the road.

Our advice? Just get the site launched and then continue working on it.  A website should always be changing so don't feel like you need put together the "end all" website at first.