I work with a lot of clients developing new websites.  In some cases they have an old site and need a new one and other cases they have never had a website. In either case, they want a sharp and eye catching website.  Content is king when it comes to websites.  You want to have great information for people to access.  However, great content can be boring without nice images to go along with it.

I know many people say they are not a photographer and steer clear of taking pics.  In this day and age most of us use Smartphones.  Most of these phones take incredible pictures so I would encourage you to start taking pics yourself.

Here are a few simple tips and at the end are some links you can follow to learn even more.

Crop pictures-Don’t Zoom - If you want a close up of something don’t zoom on a smartphone.  it is too easy to zoom too far and get a pixelated photo that is not clear.  When shooting for a website the resolution of a smartphone is too large for most sites, meaning you will need to make it smaller so it loads faster.  This gives you some room to play as you crop your image to bring the object of your photo closer.

Edit-Don’t Filter - Many cameras have some filters you can access.  I would encourage you to avoid these and edit your photos after.  You have much more control in the edit mode whereas the filters kind of take over and may not give you what you need.

Don’t Add Fake Blur - In general adding fake blur does not look realistic.  I would simply steer clear of this.

Avoid Using Flash - Except for rare occasions I advise not using your flash on a smartphone.  It is too harsh and you don’t have ways to diffuse it like you might on a DSLR camera.  There are things you can do in editing that will brighten up a dark photo.  ALWAYS try to shoot in good lighting though.

Keep Your Lens Clean - Our hands and fingers touch our smartphones a lot.  It is very easy to get a finger smudge or some other kind of stuff on the camera lens.  Make sure you wipe your lens clean before shooting.

Shoot in Portrait and Landscape - A lot of people default to shooting smartphone photos in a portrait aspect.  This is great for some images.  However, if you are wanting a banner for your website you need to shoot in landscape aspect.  Be thinking of the website and where you might use an image.  Maybe even shoot portrait and landscape of the same image if you don’t know how it will be used.

These are very basic tips.  If you want to delve into more detail here are some links.  The bottom line is this.  YOU CAN DO IT!  Don’t be scared.  Jump in and start taking your own photos.




(there are many other links.  A quick Google search will give you a plethora to choose from.  If you have specific questions feel free to comment below and we will do our best to answer.)