It seems to be more common than not for a church to struggle with budget concerns.  One area that often gets the shaft is the area of communications.  You know, websites, social media, graphics, etc.  Why does it always seem to be this area that has the lowest budget…maybe no budget.

It is quite common for these functions to be delegated to someone that already has a full plate and may not even have the skills do the job effectively.  I guess it just satisfies, to a degree, to be able to say that the communications role has been assigned to someone, even though they will not be able to accomplish much.  Do you find this to be your current situation?  If so, what should you do?

First, lower your expectations.  Most churches have larger churches they look up too.  These larger churches are the ones with a lot of resources and are doing “cool” things.  Just remember that “cool” things don’t always get the job done.  You need to get down to brass tax and develop some realistic goals to shoot for that will benefit your church building the Kingdom.

If you are a church of 125 people and are trying to compete with a church of 3,000 (highly unlikely) you will likely fall short.  Take a step back and be realistic in what you need to do.  It might be beneficial to call in an expert from the outside to help you think through what you are doing and what you should be doing.  My company, LogixStreet, calls this a communications audit. It is good for EVERY church to do one of these once a year.

Believe me, it will help take the stress off and help you feel in control of what you are doing to communicate well.