Getting web or social media traffic from people or businesses that have no interest in what you are selling is not valuable beyond being able to brag about the number of visitors or followers to your site.  If none of these visits is helping you reach your goal then what is the point?  How do we stay focused on our goal?  First we have to be able to answer, why we have a website or social media pages in the first place.

Simon Synek wrote a book several years ago called “Start with Why”.  This book has a simple message but can change everything for you.  I know I gained a major paradigm shift after reading this and watching Sinek’s TED talk.  Can you answer the question of why you have a website, or a social media page, or why you need to make a video clip or other media?  If not, “Start with Why”.  If you can confidently answer, then moving ahead will be much easier or more productive.

At LogixStreet we start with “Why” too.  One of the first questions we ask is “Why?”  Sometimes it takes a bit to answer that question but it is ALWAYS the best place to start and worth the effort.  Can you answer, “Why?” in regard to your communications activities?

When LogixStreet started we asked “Why?” and determined that communications was our passion.  We realized that we are very good at it and we can help others be successful in their efforts.  We will continue to ask this question in the future because knowing “Why?” will never be irrelevant.