The Story behind LOGIXSTREET...


Rick Guilfoil.jpeg

LogixStreet founder, Rick Guilfoil, started the company in the spring of 2015.ᅠ Over the past 18 years, Rick has been a Video Producer, Director of Web Strategy, a Communications Director, a Chief Marketing Officer, and an Agency Account Manager.  Having seen communications from these different levels, Rick has a great perspective of how each works together, making him very qualified to help you chart a course for all of your communications goals.ᅠ As you can see, his communications experience is vast.ᅠ Simply put, you need Rick’s input on your web and communications strategies.

Rick found his passion while working in the communications field and decided to go back to school and earn a Master’s Degree in Communications Management from Webster University (2012).ᅠ He also holds a Bachelors Degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management from Kansas State University (1994).ᅠ You may not need much help in the hospitality area but just know that Rick makes some killer smoked brisket and has his signature recipe “Cherry Coke Ribs” that he makes for special occasions.

He also played baseball in college at Butler County CC and Kansas State University.ᅠ While his baseball skills have wained in the past 20 years or so, he still brings a strong sense of team mentality.ᅠ This experience spills over to his communications work because a team approach is often required to be successful.ᅠ Rick’s insight to your communications strategies provides an invaluable, unbiased point of view that only an outside consultant can provide.